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White Magic Washing Brush - Jar

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The White Magic Jar Washing Brush is designed for all sorts of different sized and different types of jars.  It's happy to clean glass, cans, ceramics, including those pesky little stickers sometimes stuck on jars.

It's great at cleaning sides, corners and bases.  Its round tip makes cleaning circular bases easier.

The brush cleans without scratching or marring glassware.

Other info:

  • Approx 25cm length
  • Dishwasher safe



This product is part of the White Magic Eco Cloth Collection.

As a cleaning product, no detergents are required - you simply use your Eco product with water. This not only saves the environment but also your pocket - no need to buy chemical cleansers.

Eco Cloths are made with fibres that are 100 times finer than human hair. These work to pick up dirt at a micro level.

Eco Cloths therefore all have different thicknesses and surfaces - each specifically designed for their recommended area of cleaning.

These products encourage a Chemical Free Living style.  They are designed to save the environment, save you money, clean with a better result and save you time.





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