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White Magic Washing Brush Foam Tipped - Travel Mug

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The White Magic Travel Mug Washing Brush is your friend in the kitchen when it comes to washing your travel mug - as most travel mugs have a vacuum seal which means they are not dishwasher safe!

The Washing Brush works just as equally well on ceramic, glass and stainless steel mugs. A long and flexible handle means cleaning of the sides and base is done in seconds.  The soft foam bristles press into the base corners to get a full clean.

It will not scratch and cleans amazingly well.


Other info:

  • Approx 36cm length
  • Dishwasher safe



This product is part of the White Magic Eco Cloth Collection.

As a cleaning product, no detergents are required - you simply use your Eco product with water. This not only saves the environment but also your pocket - no need to buy chemical cleansers.

Eco Cloths are made with fibres that are 100 times finer than human hair. These work to pick up dirt at a micro level.

Eco Cloths therefore all have different thicknesses and surfaces - each specifically designed for their recommended area of cleaning.

These products encourage a Chemical Free Living style.  They are designed to save the environment, save you money, clean with a better result and save you time.





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