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Terms & Conditions

Product Pricing and Descriptions 

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) with GST included in price.
  • Prices shown are accurate at time of display, however due to varying external factors, prices are subject to change.
  • Any change is immediately applicable and updated on our database, however we do not notify individually or individuals of price changes.
  • Our product descriptions and images on our website are as accurate as possible.  Please let us know if you think a product/s is misrepresented.

Your Privacy and our Database

  • Our Database
    We maintain a client database which we use to record customer information and records of client purchases.  Our email distribution list is also generated from this database.  Joining our database is completely voluntary and optional.  It is up to customer as to how much/how little information is provided when competing our database form.  We do not ever disclose any information/customer details to external sources from our database.  Client database information is strictly for in-store use only.  You are free to remove any of your details off our database at anytime - simply ask us to, email us at or phone us on 08 9470 5005.

  • Customer Information
    We collect customer information for our database in one of two ways.  Our main form of collection is at Point of Sale over the counter in store when we ask if you would like to join our database.  The main purpose of joining our database is that it records customer purchases under customers name.  This is very useful also for processing refunds/credits or looking up previous purchases.  The second form of customer collection is via our on-line store where at point of time when you create on-line sale, we will require certain personal information from you.  This information is used to correctly process the sales order generated.  It is also useful when we need to follow up on queries regarding an online purchase, ie, postal address doesn't appear correct.


We're unable to fulfill your Online Order

  • If you place an order of which we are unable to fulfill (stock unavailable or stock problem) you will be contacted as soon as possible and offered an alternative.  If an alternative is not appropriate, we will refund your payment using the same method payment was made. 

Cancelling an Online Order

  • If you need to cancel an on-line order, please call us ASAP on 08 9470 5005.  If we have not already posted your order, we should able to refund money via original method of payment.  However, if the order has already been dispatched/posted our normal returns policy applies.  Please refer to our Store Policies.